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Warning : If you are addicted to delicious flavors, you might not want to try the products. If not, no need to look further more: Marinade, BBQ sauce, Nitrite, steak spices, Brine & rubs. We have what you need to achieve incredibly moist and flavorful proteins.

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Meat smoking, an art to discover

Hungry or have an heartly appetite? Grill Master or beginner? Conventional BBQ or Smoker grill? Coup Fumant is for everyone.

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Want to impress the gallery? Don't look any further. Have you seen the final product? If you cook this to your guests, no doubt, they will salivate. Beginner or grill pro, Coup Fumant allows you to enjoy tasty smoked foods, even without a smoker.

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A common passion for the grill

Coup fumant is first and foremost two Quebec entrepreneurs who are passionate about smoking on the barbecue: a master sausage maker and the owner of an IGA Extra.

It is this taste for smoking that led the two entrepreneurs to develop a complete line of products to make the smoking technique more accessible. These products allow barbecue enthusiasts to smoke meat or fish and enjoy the unique taste of this cooking method in just a few steps.

Coup Fumant in the media

Not that we want to brag, but once in a while Coup Fumant is mentionned in newspaper, on the radio and tv.

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When Coup Fumant products are that tasty  there has to be as many locations where they can be found. Enjoy life, treat yourself and head to IGA in your neighborhood.

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